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Hello and welcome to my personal website!

What is there that one can say about oneself if there is not much to say? I am the Senior Systems Analyst at the at the Mathematical Institute at Oxford. I have recently finished my PhD in Number Theory under the supervision of Prof. Roger Heath-Brown as a member of Queen's College.

Please note that due to various commitments I will usually not be able to respond to support requests. In general I have very little time at the moment to commit to this blog. I publish material here to make it available in case anyone wants to fiddle with it, but am unable to explain how to use it, as that is Google's job. On the other hand I am always happy to hear if things were useful to you or get improvement suggestions etc.

Linux BOOT/RECOVERY flashing tool for the Eee Pad Transformer [For experts only!]

I wanted to write my own kernel, and since nobody has released any tools for creating those blob files I had to reverse engineer it myself.

The attached script is fairly simple, but has to be used with extreme caution. I have kept it as simple as possible and currently it will only be able to do single partition writes to boot or recovery. It can easily be extended to multiple partition writes or other types of partitions, but for our purposes I do not see any use case for that. For me writing recovery and boot is all I need. Anything else can be written from system directly.

eTVnet Plex plugin updated

I have updated my plugin for the new API. It's very crude still, but does the job and works on iOS and Android. It supports Channel and Catalog browsing as well as Search. If you spot any bugs/problems (there are bound to be some!), please let me know.

You are welcome to download and use the plugin freely, and also modify it, reuse parts etc. However if you do modify/reuse, please remember to give credit. I know there are other Plex plugins around which are partly based on my code and do not give credit.

colbho3000's overclock kernel and module for the the (european?) Desire Z

I am posting the recompiled overclock module for the (european?) Desire Z. All credit goes to coolbho3000, who has written the module and published it (and instructions) on http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=813681 . All I have done is simply compiled it for the Desire Z kernel.

It seems to do its job for me. Thank you coolbho3000!

I am also posting the newly recompiled overclocked kernel for the Desire Z. The G2 overclocked kernel does work, but the FM radio breaks. The kernel posted here should be fully working.

MythTV 0.23 on Mac OSX

There seems to be very little information available for building MythTV on OSX 10.6, and the new version does not work right out of the box. If one finds it, it only works with MMX disabled, which then means HD stuttering. I hence had to go fairly deep to get it to compile with MMX. Here is the patch I have now to build it on 10.6.3 using osx-packager.pl (note that you first have to comment out --enable-libfaad in osx-packager.pl):

Index: libs/libmythtv/decoderbase.h

Green IT - Save planet and power while keeping it manageable

We have recently done our small part in caring about our planet and deployed a cross-platform green IT infrastructure across our network (~450 desktops). Basically this means that machines are off out of working hours, if nobody is using them (which ends up being around 60% of all desktops). Should somebody need a machine when it is off, then it can be woken up remotely. This sounds like a simple task, but is actually trickier than one might first think. Especially when it comes to cross-platform solutions for determining if somebody is using the machine or managing wake-on-lan.

Mediacenter solutions and eTVnet plugin for Plex

After I got finally fed up with Windows, I uninstalled it on the last machine in our home, which happened to be the Mediacenter. Unfortunately this also meant getting rid of Mediaportal. Whilst I think that Mediaportal is great software, it's written for an OS which is outdated, inflexible and oftentimes unstable [especially when it comes to dodgy hardware drivers!].

Cross-Platform Adito Plugins for NXClient and RDP

Whilst working in the Mathematical Department over the last few years, it seems that remote access to departmental services has become very important. The usual approach which companies take for remote access is VPN, but it is not trivial to setup for a user at home, especially if we want to support most operating systems. Also there are certain conditions on the client-side network for VPN to work, and one certainly shouldn't run two VPN connections at a time.

Update of the ETVNet plugin for Mediaportal 1.0.2

sergem1 has created a wonderful plugin for Russian TV On Demand from ETVNet for Mediaportal. Unfortunately it didn't work for me on Vista with Mediaportal 1.0.2 . So I have made a few minor code modifications to make it work (and also added some improvements). The following things were added/fixed:

Deploy Windows 'Unattended' software through SSH

After we started using Unattended which I have mentioned in the first post on this, it has developed very well. New software/drivers are easily added and it's working very well overall. There has been one annoying flaw, however. It was not possible to deploy software to already deployed workstations without visiting the workstation or logging in through VNC and interacting with the desktop. It looks like I managed to overcome this issue.

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